In its simplest form, deep learning is the application of observed biological processes of information analysis and communication, to develop responsive machine algorithms.  In other words, to create “intelligent” machines that improve their performance just like living organisms.

Technically, deep learning provides tools for training multiple layers of artificial neurons arranged in deep structures using a data-driven approach to simulate functions and processes.


Sensomind applies this technology to develop novel products and solutions combining three core areas of expertise, to meet a broad range of practical needs: image-based analysis, real-time location systems (RTLS), and sensor data analytics.


Recent advances in camera and image recognition technology, means that machines today have the capability to recognize and measure objects from images with human-like precision.  Unlike traditional computer vision this can now be done using a data-driven approach (without the need for programming) and tightly integrated with supporting data from location systems and sensor data.

Using artificial intelligence with deep learning, this allows our products to analyze, compare and suggest improvements to a wide range of complex processes, ranging from the efficiency of production lines to the performance of athletes on the playing field.


Location-based services are increasingly a part of our everyday lives. From the navigation tools in our cars to the maps on our phones, these technologies provide convenience and ease of mind.  Our revolutionary real-time location system (RTLS) allows centimeter level indoor positioning of your assets, be they mobile robots, people, or goods.

Sensomind take location-based technology to the next level, using the power of deep learning  to analyze a wide variety of processes and situations in minute detail. Examples include monitoring the impact of visual merchandising, mapping the movement of athletes during competitions, or improving the flow and delivery of goods.


Information is the key to success in any industry, and using deep learning technology allows you to observe changes and compare performance in real-time, ensuring your strategies are always developing towards achieving your goals.

Data analysis is the cornerstone of what makes Sensomind products work. Our machine learning tools are integrated into your business, constantly monitoring progress, refining insights, and improving performance.