Our SportsHub solution gives you access to our latest technology packaged for your application.  Providing video and data insights on players and facility users.

Facility Management

Maximize your facility usage by monitoring the flow of people and attract new users through added services.  Automatically see how many come to watch a game and get a better understanding of no-shows and multi-activity planning on individual courts.

Professional Sports

The world of professional sports is more competitive than ever, and technological advancements in artificial intelligence with deep learning provide the edge you need to achieve your goals.

Sensomind provides the tools you need to accurately measure performance, refine play tactics and monitor player development. Using advanced real-time video analytics and  pioneering location-based and bio-metrics technology, you can give your team the advantage they need to achieve athletic excellence.

Recreational Sports & Schools

Our SportsHub is not just about numbers.  Our real-time AI can also be used for interactive games, gamification, and virtual coaching.  Trouble motivating players?  Maybe we have the solution for you!

Contact us today and explore how artificial intelligence can improve your game.